What you will need

Hand Drip

18g coffee bean + 1 or 2 gram for cleaning the grinder
94°C Hot Water
Hot Water Kettle
Paper Filter


1. Fold the paper filter and place it in the dripper

Hand Drip
Hand Drip

2. Wet the paper filter with hot water to wash away the taste of the paper filter

Hand Drip

3. Warm the server and the cup

4. Grind 1-2 g of coffee bean to clean the old coffee ground in the grinder

5. Grind the coffee bean (the grind size should be similar to coarse sand)

6. Pour the coffee ground into the dripper and flatten it

Hand Drip

7. Pour around 30-40 g of hot water from the center of coffee bed, leave for 30 second to allow blooming

Hand Drip

8. Continue to pour from the center of coffee bed to outer circle (clockwise) for around 2 minutes (around 180-200g of hot water, depends on your preference)

Hand Drip
Hand Drip

9. Enjoy your coffee~

Hand Drip

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