1Zpresso JS Grinder

1Zpresso JS Grinder

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Enjoy making Pour-Over with JS!

The unique design of the burr makes it produce more consistent grinds. A cup of coffee tasted pleasant and flavourful without any pungent or unusual flavours.

  • Classic Internal Adjustment Dial (30 clicks / 10 digits per round)
    • The internal adjustment dial with 30 clicks each rotation enables you to find the right size setting for your favourite flavour.
  • Swift-Disassembly Designa
    • All of the 1Zpresso grinders can be disassembled without any tool and allow through cleaning and maintenance without re-calibrating the burr.


COLOUR  |  Light Grey
ADJUSTMENT |  Internal Adjustment
CAPACITY |  30-35g
WEIGHT |  650g
RECEIVER |  General